QA and Testing Services


QA and Testing

Quality is not always a given. It is something to be attained through testing and iterations. Our testers at Legacit are committed to understanding, meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. We have a dedicated team of talented and skilled testers committed to supporting our clients across all platforms and devices.

From software testing strategy to reporting issues, we have developed a scalable process that works consistently and rapidly to deliver the best QA. Legacit is a leading QA and Testing company, providing independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries and platforms.

Our QA and Testing Services
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    Quality on-demand

    We will help you test almost anything on any device or network. From mobile apps and websites, our expert testers will make sure your solution is tested thoroughly. With our flexible process and detailed approach, we deliver services of the highest level of quality.

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    Mobile Application Testing

    Don’t let the bugs spoil the user experience. We will help detect and prevent even the most hidden problems to give you quality mobile apps every time.

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    Web Testing

    How good is your web-based product? We will help you find out. Our web testing services make sure that your products work as designed and meet user expectations.

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    Automated Testing

    Automated testing for efficiency. Our automated testing services offer you automated testing coverage and help achieve better efficiency, quality, and cost reduction.

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    Performance Testing

    The better the performance the smoother the user experience. Performance testing can detect and avoid performance issues, system downtime and other bottlenecks.

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    Functional Testing

    Does your product work as intended? Our testors verify each function of the product to ensure the product does what it was created for.

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    Security Testing

    How secure is your product? Security testing ensures the safety of your software and your users' data.