We at Legacit, leverage technology to deliver world-class services to help you establish, optimise and scale your businesses. We combine our knowledge and expertise to solve business challenges in the most reliable manner. Our services are focused on delivering outstanding results and achieving business goals with technology and in-depth research. We are a next-generation technology partner helping our clients realize their digital dreams.

Web designing & Web application development

At Legacit, we understand the competitive edge a topical website offers. It is the first touchpoint where the customer engages with your company. Your website design and content vastly influences their decision to engage further or not. We offer websites that are professional, upscale and stand out from the rest of the competition. Our team of in-house designers and developers will help build simple, engaging, and high converting websites that will become your identity in the digital world.

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Mobile application development

At Legacit, we believe the future is Mobile. And the mobile app will be at the centre of it all. Smartphone apps have revolutionised all aspects of people’s lives and opened up whole new realms of possibilities. Legacit helps companies seize these infinite business opportunities. How? By building innovative, robust, and scalable mobile apps at speed. We are a leading app development, design and consultancy service company offering avant-garde solutions that exceed user expectations and help clients advance their business goals. Our mobile app developers work closely with you to design and build applications from scratch or upgrade your existing apps to provide its users with more powerful and memorable digital experiences.

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Custom Application Development

Each company is different, and so are its unique operational requirements. That’s where we come in. We are in the business of providing personalised solutions to help companies thrive in the market of their relevance. We deliver on-demand, customized application development services. With experienced and passionate professionals on board our team, we convert your incredible ideas into credible applications. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in native application development and cross-platform application make us your ideal partner for all kinds of mobile application development.

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Digital marketing and SEP / SMO

In an increasingly digital world, your online identity holds the key to your company's success. At Legacit, we help businesses build their online identity with purpose-driven digital strategies made for a new digital-first world. We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering a variety of digital marketing services, including SEO, SEP, SMO, paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. We design digital strategies that can be effectively deployed in your business strategies to drive your business growth, revenue and website traffic. We can help you get better results and drive more clients to your site.

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Branding Solutions

Your company is as good as your branding. Your brand is the entirety of what people think, feel, and remember about your company. It’s more than your brand logo or name. At Legacit, we help companies establish their voice and leave a long-lasting impression on their audiences. We deliver creative solutions and marketing strategies to grow your brand, boost your reach, and grow customer loyalty. Our seasoned group of creative professionals are committed to creating new immersive ways to connect, engage and grow your audience.

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Application Support and maintenance

All the rapid progress in technology has been a huge enabler, helping companies to streamline operations and optimise their IT infrastructure to achieve maximum business value. Because of the exponential growth in technology and innovation, the potential for rapid change is finally at hand. Companies can now redefine their operational strategy; reducing operating costs and enhancing efficiency by turning to technology partners and managed services. Legacit offers application support and maintenance services to companies helping in optimising operational costs, driving efficiency and fueling digital transformation.

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BPO Services

At Legacit, we live and breathe business support. We go above and beyond to support clients with a robust and cost-effective strategy that offers them the flexibility needed to compete globally. We provide customized support teams for modern businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and outcomes. Our team of skilled global workforce ensures continued success in your line of business. The dedication and commitment of our crew have helped Legacit grow into the leading BPO service provider. We follow impeccable quality standards in all processes, like effective quality check, efficiency, periodic monitoring etc, leading to high quality output.

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Infrastructure and cloud solutions

We are now living in an era where cloud computing is powering every industry. Cloud technology, as promised, offers speed, easy access and efficiency of data for businesses. At Legacit, we harness the power of cloud computing to help enterprises to effectively manage their data. From migration to cloud management, we offer a robust and seamless experience across multiple public clouds and regions. We give you access to a world of data so you can fully leverage data to power your business.

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QA and Testing Services

Quality is not always a given. It is something to be attained through testing and iterations. Our testers at Legacit are committed to understanding, meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. We have a dedicated team of talented and skilled testers committed to supporting our clients across all platforms and devices. From software testing strategy to reporting issues, we have developed a scalable process that works consistently and rapidly to deliver the best QA. Legacit is a leading QA and Testing company, providing independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries and platforms.

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