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Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

We are now living in an era where cloud computing is powering every industry. Cloud technology, as promised, offers speed, easy access and efficiency of data for businesses. At Legacit, we harness the power of cloud computing to help enterprises to effectively manage their data. From migration to cloud management, we offer a robust and seamless experience across multiple public clouds and regions. We give you access to a world of data so you can fully leverage data to power your business.

Move to the cloud and scale your business

Whether you’re new to cloud computing or already benefiting from its unlimited potential, we can help integrate cloud to your day-to-day business operations seamlessly. Our AWS- and Microsoft-certified architects are capable of transforming your traditional IT framework by integrating our domain-driven cloud computing services. With cloud computing driving your business you can reduce IT redundancies, enhance productivity, optimize resource requirements and take a more secure, cost-effective approach to run your business.

Our Infrastructure and Cloud Services
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    Cloud strategy and change management

    Explore how cloud computing can help your business. Accelerate ROI and performance using our full suite of value-driven cloud services.

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    Cloud Migration

    Going cloud made simple. Our cloud experts will ensure a smooth and safe transition from your existing architecture to cloud services.

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    Cloud management & optimization

    We have got your back. We will help you manage cloud services with automated compliance, monitoring, and optimization.

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    Cloud engineering and automation

    Want a cloud of your own? Our experts can help you with custom cloud solutions using cloud native development and application modernization.

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    Cloud security

    We help protect your infrastructure with our cloud security services.

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    Cloud platforms

    Move to cloud now. Move your ERP to cloud and leverage SaaS to drive performance and innovation.