About Us

We render you the most secure, fast and latest web, app, software and digital solutions. We believe in making this digital world an opportunity for brands and individuals to conduct successful business efficiently and effectively.

Who We Are?

Legacit Infotech is a business value focused company with a mission to simplify all complex business processes and become the one stop solution for business.

A few industries that we cater our services, but not limited to, are healthcare, banking & finance, retail, communications, telecommunication, mobile and information technology.

Our Team

We're Legacit Infotech, business solution enterprise that loves to help, assist and create brands.

Sreejith S
Managing Director
Managing director of Legacit infotech Pvt Ltd and S.S Legacy Engineers Pvt ltd. Sreejith is a strategic leader with proven records of business excellence across diverse background. He is a multi-talented professional with B.Tech from St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and MBA from Acharya Institute of Technology. Sreejith brings a unique skill set of Leadership, Innovation, and Strategic Thinking to Legacy Group and has a strong knowledge technology, and design. He believes that all complex problems can be solved by being Innovative & Creative, while creating amazing experience for Legacy Group.

Sirjith K.R
Founder and Director
Co-founder and Director of Legacit Infotech. He has more than ten-year experience of working as a strategist for business management, specializing in extensive sales training or enablement, project leadership, and marketing. What makes Sirjith successful isn't the mastery of marketing flavors, but how well he can make a connection with the general public, he tries to help. As a Brand and Online Marketing Strategist, Sirjith is in charge of identifying and developing Premium Websites, which is the flagship product of any company.